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City of Hero Architect Missions

Yo City of Heroes gaymers!

I'm close to my 100-players-have-played-your-missions Badge and figged advertising here couldn't hurt.

Arc Name: Father Felps Fiasco
Arc ID: 20987

Description: Father Felps and his congregation are picketing Paragon City again as part of their campaign. Time to get Righteous on them!
Author: @satyr69
Alignment: Hero
Length: Short - 1 mission
Difficulty Level:(Solo/Group/Insane)
- Type: 6 minions/4 Leuts/1 Elite Boss
- Custom Enemy Group - Father Felps Congregation

My first mission. I wanted to do a gay themed mission and decided to trade homophobia for herophobia. ;)

Arc Title: Attack of the Gym Bunnies
Arc ID#: 149978

Description: What is causing the men of Paragon City to spend so much time at the Gym? What nefarious plan is happening? Can you unravel the mystery of the Gym Bunnies???
Author: @satyr69
Alignment: Hero
Length: Medium - 3 missions (Tiny Map - Small Map - Small Map)
Difficulty Level: Solo/Group
- Type: 7 Min / 4 Leuts / 2 Bosses / 1 Elite Boss
- Factions: Custom Villain Group: The Gym Bunnies

Just a silly attempt at some humor. The minion villains are all obvious gay men. ;)

Arc Title: Escape From the Paragon Triangle
Arc ID#: 164531

Description: A boat has vanished in the mysterious Paragon Triangle. Can you rescue the family and escape yourself?
Author: @satyr69
Alignment: Hero
Length: Long - 3 missions (small map, small map, small map)
Difficulty Level: Solo/Group
Enemies: Custom, Hydra, (Possible Coralax/Possible Arachnoid depending on level)

Just wanted a good old fashioned thriller of a mission! Not so much gay focused as the other two, Just a lot of fun, hopefully.

If you have any missions you've made, please leave a comment and I'll be glad to try them out!
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