weif (weif) wrote in gaymerz,

n00b, here

hihi, Hey I was just poking around, and this Community looked right up my alley. Im 18, and addicted to video games. I would love to have a community on a mmorpg or somthing. I dont have time for much, and I only have my gamecube online-- of its one and only game: Phantasy Star Online. Which is losing members.

Im planing on getting my PS2 online, for the next install ment: Phantasy Star Universe. But if I do, wht other games can you guys suggest? Would it be worth it to go online with a PS2?

Ive not bought a new game for 4-5 months, im just not interested in playing with meat heads, but i definetly love the ideal of online games. I have been active in Maple Story, but that is losing interest quickly -_- (check it out- mapleglobal.com ) im looking at world of warcraft, is that still on the rise? x_x?

I also love manga, and drawing, theatre, and music (ALL OF IT)
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