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Im 18 years old and Gay. Why else would I be here. I love anime, tecno, and partying when not working. I said before I love Anime, Music ( mostly j-rock/pop), RPG'S, Comicbooks. I want to be a Computer Animator and Design games, But My real goal is to travel to every nation, every city around the world. Then Finally retire in my little Home in Japan or Australia. Havnt decided which one yet. Anyways...Im a pretty cool guy, shy at first but open up in time, have a good sense of humor, and im not afraid to be myself in public. I have a Myspace which is Kami-Tenshi. I like meeting new People, making new friends, and all that jazz so just get in touch with me on AIM. (or at least say HI ). If im not on AIM then Im working or doing something time consuming just chill and Ill be back online. Anyways...You can me at MageGear@aol.com if ya really wanna get to know me. Later.

"Coming Soon to an LJ near you Pics of Me" or just check out my Myspace.
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